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Spotlight on Kenya’s Epic African Jewellery, Refined Authenticity

Epic African Jewellery is a Kenyan based fashion accessories brand that seeks inspiration from beadwork turning them into bold body accessories that makes its wearer stand out.

We speak to its founder, Sharon Wendo.

What was your driving force to set up Epic African Jewellery and how long did it take you to get the business to market

When I was introduced to beading about 4 years ago, I was very intrigued and interested to learn more so two years ago I decided to set up a business and pursue jewellery designing. 

Was it challenging to raise funds for your business venture?

The best thing about this is, I didn’t need to raise any funds. I started out really small, I basically began with less than KES 200  buying small packets of beads and making one piece so when I sold that piece, I would buy another packet.  

How did you build a successful customer base?

I built my customer base by being very consistent and honest with the clients I had and with this, they always recommended me that’s how my customer base has grown. Another thing that has grown my customer base is my social media pages, posting great content consistently. 

When a client trusts me in one of her most important days to make a statement I am very grateful and humbled – Sharon Wendo

What are your ambitions for Epic African Jewellery?

My ambition is to sell more across the country, right now most of my sales come from Nairobi. I also want to ship more across the world.

How many hours do you work on average?

17-18 hours a day.

What motivates you?

I have a great support system, my family and friends and having people who are always pushing me to do better and succeed is really motivating.

What do you see as your best quality?

I am creative, that is what has gotten me this far.

Do you believe there is a pattern to be a successful entrepreneur?

Yes definitely, to be successful you have to very consistent and extremely hardworking.

What has been your most satisfying moment since you established Epic African Jewellery?

It’s hard to pinpoint one satisfying moment because working in the fashion industry every time a client wears my jewellery and loves it, that’s a satisfying moment.

Beauty is who you are. Jewellery is simply the icing on the cake – Sharon Wendo

What is the greatest thing you have learned as a woman in business?

Women support each other. I have worked with amazing women who have and continue to support my business. 

New collection

I have also been working on a collection of body pieces and skirts. I wanted to make pieces especially for the red carpet in regards to the body pieces, I feel like it’s a great opportunity for people to be wearing local designers when they go to events, this is the only way to build Kenya and these pieces were a perfect representation of that.

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