Epica Jewellery began when Sharon Wendo learnt beading skills whilst on an internship as part of being on the Kenya Youth Empowerment project.  She, like many others in the fashion business, initially did not think it was going to be a viable career path, however, after 3 months as a school receptionist, she realised that it was where her true passion lies and thus it was worth a shot. 

Her designs are reflected in her brand name, they are truly Epic African. Her intricate beadwork forms pieces that can be worn to elevate any look. Characterised by a bold statement, her pieces are not something one can shy away from. Epica Jewellery pieces aim to boost women’s confidence and make them stand out and truly feel special. They truly are epic. 

Adelle Onyango  is one personality who Sharon coins as giving her a breakthrough and showing the little girl inside her who always dreamed of being a stylist, that there was hope to make it in a creative career. 

During this period, Sharon has decided to focus her efforts on posting on social media in a bid to benefit off the amount of time many are spending online right now. Thus, she has been posting content and working on new designs and concept shoots to bring to life when the environment allows. 

Regarding the brands she admires she conveys: “I would buy from Pat Mbela, she is outstanding, and her designs are out of this world. Her work is exceptional. I admire Aphiasakyi, she is a Ghanaian designer and she makes beautiful jewellery, her craft is so good, and she is such a good storyteller.” 

The future for Epica Jewellery is bright, with Sharon dreaming her brand to become a renowned jewellery brand worldwide with her designs debuting at London, New York and Paris fashion week. Most importantly, however, she wants to be remembered for making women feel confident and beautiful and her designs remaining timeless. 

As a parting shot, she notes “Don’t doubt yourself too much and don’t be afraid chasing your dreams.”

Epica Jewellery is part of the Creative DNA Programme, a British Council programme supported by the Foreign Commonwealth Office designed to support fashion businesses in Kenya, develop skills, knowledge and networks in Kenya and the UK. The programme is focused on promoting alternative and innovative approaches to the global fashion system with the ambition of demonstrating that the fashion sector in Kenya is a professional choice for young people and a valuable contributor to the creative economy.

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